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Flexi Nail Dust Extractor wth Flexi LED and Wall Fume Extractor Combo

Flexi Nail Dust Extractor wth Flexi LED and Wall Fume Extractor Combo
Our New Wall mounted Fume Extractor is in stock now!, as an introductory offer we are pairing our most popular unit, The New Ravair Flexi Arm Nail Dust Extractor, with The New Wall Mounted Fume Extractor for a limited period. This offer is for a limited time and a limited number and makes a saving of over 20% on normal retail prices.Full details of the performance of both these units and Individual Independent Lab Reports are available on there respective pages on this website.
Both These units have Flexzorb Anti Viral Activated Carbon Filter Material in them to increase your virus protection and the Wall Unit also has a internal UV light that will kill also bacteria and some viruses. Ravair Ltd  supply wall certificates to show your clients that you have protection and will be supplying soon Window Stickers.
Ravair Ltd make no claims as to the Anti Viral Protection made by Flexzorb and rely totally on the claims made by the manufacturer, www.flexzorb.com, and the 28 page Independent Report by the UK Health Protection Agency Porton Down, of which Ravair Ltd have a copy. see www.flexzorb.com for details

Doug Schoon, Respected Scientist from the USA recently stated:

"Don't fool yourself into thinking all you need is one of those fancy plexiglass sneeze guards. That is NOT enough to protect you and your clients. Of Course I am not opposed to using them but they are not all you need. You will quickly learn that plexiglass attracts dust like a magnet. SO if you use plexiglass you will need to use"source capture ventilation to control dust as well.
It is important to understand that Viruses and other Pathogens do not have"Wings" but they do have "Magic Carpets" -meaning they take rides on dust particles that fly them all around the room for everyone to inhale. Dusts can carry pathogens so if you don't control nail filings/dust you are NOT doing all you can to control potentially infectious pathogens"

You will need a fume extractor and a dust extractor to qualify for the window certification from Ravair Ltd. 

Ravair Ltd cannot accept returns on any used unit for any reason other than malfunction during this pandemic. 
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