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Flexzorb Re-Usable Face Mask 10 PACK

Flexzorb Re-Usable Face Mask 10 PACK

This Face Mask is a medical grade layered paper mask with Flexzorb Anti Viral material fitted in a clinically clean environment. This Flexzorb material is used in Germ Warfare masks and Space Suits and will capture viruses. see www.flexzorb.com for more information or see below. Ravair Ltd use the material FM10 T230 laminated to Black Daltex with impregnated silver that "deactivates" the virus and is recommended by the Health Protection Agency Porton Down in their Confidential 28 page Independent Report of which Ravair Ltd have a copy.

Ravair Ltd make no claims whatsoever about the material, these claims are totally the claims of the manufacturer backed up by the Independent report by HPA.

Thoroughly scrub your hands or use alcohol (60% min) hand sanitizer before handling the face mask.

Remove from plastic bag and place over nose and mouth and secure behind the ears. Black Flexzorb material should be on inside of mask.

Before removing the mask from your face for any reason, eating drinking etc, throughly scrub your hands preferably with Anti Viral Activated carbon Soap or with Alcohol Hand Santizer. Do not touch the mask if you have not done this!

Replace the mask in the re-sealable plastic bag supplied.

Repeat this process every time the mask is used.

With care the mask can be re-used, but ONLY IF THE HANDS HAVE BEEN SCRUBBED OR SANITIZED.


Remember the Flexzorb material will capture the viruses as they pass through the material and the silver will deactivate them BUT THEY STILL MAY BE PRESENT ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE MASK!

This face mask is for limited protection and should be used with a hand sanitizer if possible and does not in any way guarantee your safety or that you will not catch a virus. All claims are made by the material manufacturer and are backed up by the Independent 28 page confidential report by HPA at Porton Down England of which Ravair Ltd have a copy.

Ravair Ltd are selling this kit at basically cost price to help with the situation and in no way take any responsibility or liabilities to its effectiveness or use.

Always scrub your hands thoroughly, with Activated Carbon Anti Viral Soap if possible or use Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer. It has been announced that most infection occurs from hand to mouth. This means if you touch an infected surface (possibly facemask) and then touch your nose or mouth without scrubbing or sanitizing your hands you have a much higher risk of catching a virus. 

For Information;

“Most Viruses or bacteria in nature are negatively charged. In 1991 scholars proposed the separation of viruses by using positively charged porous materials with fixed charges on the surface. This method utilises not only the physical separation of pores but also the electrostatic adsorbtion of positive charges on the surface and the resultant large pore materials can adsorb small sized bacteria and viruses” Royal Society of Chemistry July 2017.

“Today Flexorb is the world’s leading superior 100?tivated carbon cloth used globally in a wide range of applications by industry, defence and medical sectors. It was initially used –and still is to this day- as a protective layer in military clothing and masks against chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear (CBRN) agents. Key to it’s function are electrostatic forces within Flexorb. These adsorb large volumes of various gases and liquids (Viruses, Bacteria, Body Fluids). Thus it acts as a high purity filter, a separation method or a protective layer” Flexzorb Website.

“Flexzorb™ activated carbon cloth underwent a series of antiviral tests carried out by the Health Protection Agency (HPA). Flexzorb™ proved to be an effective anti-viral textile capable of capturing, retaining and deactivating a virus (MS-2 coliphage). The deactivation of a virus could be further enhanced by the addition of silver to Flexzorb™. Capture levels increased with increasing layers of Flexzorb™, Of the virus captured, 99.9998% was retained 
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