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NOSE FILTERS (block airborne particles and sneeze droplets)

NOSE FILTERS (block airborne particles and sneeze droplets)
A pack of 10 disposable nose filters that fit comfortably and unobtrusively in your nose. More comfortable and less visual than a face mask but stops you breathing in Sneeze Droplets and inhaling through your nose, harmful particles. 
The soft foam pads push up into the nose cavity and fit all nose sizes including children. They are are attached to a stretchy middle strip so easily removed and not easily stuck in the nose.
The foam pad is especially made to allow easy breathing but still retain airborne particles. The Nose Filter can be CAFEFULLY removed, (fully wash your hands after handling, at least 20 second scrub with anti-bacterial soap) and washed in anti-bacterial soap and re-used. DO NOT USE A NOSE FILTER ALREADY USED BY SOMEONE ELSE.
Helpful in preventing Colds and Flu from Crowded Environments, Public Transport, Air Travel etc by blocking infected nasal and mouth fluids from a person Sneezing and Coughing near you. 
Made for Dha Labs Ltd and suitable for Spray Tanning, Hair/Beauty Salons, Nail Bars, Hay Fever Sufferers, Pet Allergies, Bicycle Riders, Woodworkers, Builders and Decorators, Any Dusty Environment.  

Dispose in usual waste after use and WASH YOUR HANDS!
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