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Introducing the New Pushchair Air Purifier (also suitable for travel) from Ravair Ltd. This unit is specially designed with the pushchair, pram, cot, bed in mind so that it can easily strap onto any size tubular bar using the velcro straps provided and is also easily removed to fold up the pushchair if required.
The Revolutionary Battery is re-chargeable and takes around 3 hours to fully charge with a 7-8 hour life before recharge. (can be used whilst recharging in a car for example). Battery is similar to a mobile phone battery so can also used using the USB to get extra life from a battery pack. This also make the unit great for Individual travel, on a plane, train, on a desk, bedside table etc, anywhere where you want CLEAN AIR.
The Activated Carbon in the filters is specially made in INDIA and has been Independently Tested (report available) to adsorb in particular fumes and gases from Diesel Engines, (Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide) the Glass Hepa filter will remove harmful particulates, soot etc associated with diesel fumes and also as the filter is made to EU Standard EN 1822-1 it will remove pollen, pet dander, dust etc to 0.3 microns and above, (below 0.7 microns is invisible to the human eye!)

** The unit is only 16cm x 7cm x 6cm in size and 150g in weight so similar to a mobile phone just wider and easily portable in pocket or handbag etc.
** It has a revolutionary battery that will last up to 8 hrs before re-charge and can be re-charged on the go, in a car etc, or use a mobile battery pack. Indicator light tells you when the battery is fully charged.
** The unit has censors that detects bad air, diesel fumes etc, and TURNS THE UNIT UP AND DOWN AUTOMATICALLY!
** Easily removed and changed Filters that will last at least 2 months. ( Only £14.95 for a new filter including FREE FLEXZORB FILTER.) 

Due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic Ravair Ltd have sourced Activated Carbon Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial Material used in medical materials, bandages etc and also Military grade protection from germ warfare, masks space suits etc, (see www.flexorb.com for full details). Ravair Ltd have a copy of the FULL 28 PAGE REPORT from the UK HEALTH PROTECTION AGENCY, PORTON DOWN, WILTSHIRE that proves the manufacturers claims. This material will remove/adsorb 98% of all viruses and using the impregnated silver in the material will "deactivate" 99.8% of the captured virus without "chemical intervention" ie the material will kill the viruses without chemicals/alcohol/ disinfectant etc!

This unit will be available in around 28 days due to import restrictions and because FLEXZORB is in such demand worldwide we will have very limited numbers to start with.
You can ORDER your unit now with only £10.00 deposit until they are IN STOCK when we will contact you for balance payment. (fully refundable if you change your mind)

This groundbreaking product will protect your loved ones and will be available on a first come first served basis at only £114.95 plus vat and delivery for an INTRODUCTORY OFFER.  



"Most Viruses or Bacteria in Nature are Negatively Charged. In 1991 scholars proposed the seperation of viruses by using positively charged porous materials with fixed charges on the surface.This method utilises not only the physical seperation of pores but also the electrostatic adsobtion of positive charges on the surface and the resultant large pore surfaces can adsorb small sizes bacteria and VIRUSES"---------Royal Society of Chemistry July 2017 

"Today FLEXZORB is the world's leading superior 100% activated carbon cloth used globally in a wide range of applications by industry, defence and medical sectors. It was used initially -and still is to this day - as a protective layer in military clothing and masks against chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear (CBRN) agents. Key to it's function are electrostatic forces within FLEXZORB. These adsorb large volumes of various gases and liquids (Viruses, Bacteria, Body Fluids) Thus it acts as a high purity filter, a separation method or a protective layer,---FLEXZORB Website....www.flexzorb.com 

"FLEXZORB activated carbon cloth underwent a series of antiviral tests carried out by the Health Protection Agency (HPA). FLEXZORB proved to be an effective anti viral textile capable of CAPTURING, RETAINING and DEACTIVATING A VIRUS. The deactivation of a virus could be further enhanced by the addition of SILVER to FLEXZORB. Capture levels increased with increasing layers of Flexzorb. Of the virus captured 99.9998% was retained within FLEXZORB when challanged with an airflow of 30l/min for 1 minute. FLEXZORB  proved to be UNIQUE in it's ability to deactivate a viruswithout chemical intervention. Deactivation rates of up to 98% were achieved by FLEXZORB containing SILVER--HEALTH PROTECTION AGENCY PORTON DOWN ENGLAND.


For a limited period and subject to stock Ravair will be adding FLEXZORB with Pure Impregnated SILVER to all their Wall Mounted Air Purifiers with NO EXTRA CHARGE ALTHOUGH VERY EXPENSIVE. Ravair Wall Mounted Air Purifiers are already filled with Activated Carbon (Also ANTI-VIRAL) and EU Standard EN 1822-1 Glass Hepa Filters. This addition of Flexzorb will further help in the fight against bacteria and Virus.

RAVAIR Ltd are providing this FLEXZORB ANTI-VIRAL FILTER no cost  and in no way take any responsibility or liabilities to its effectiveness or use. All claims are made by the manufacturer and backed by an Independent 28 Page Report from HPA PORTON DOWN ENGLAND of which RAVAIR LTD have a copy.

Always wash your hands thoroughly  it has been announced that most infection occurs from hand to mouth. This means if you touch an infected surface (facemask) and then touch your nose or mouth  without scrubbing your hands or using a hand sanitizer with over 60% eythol acohol content before hand you have much higher chance of catching a virus.

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