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Ravair Home/Pet Pro

Ravair Home/Pet Pro
Introducing the Unique Patented Floor Standing Fume and Odour Extractor from Ravair that is specially designed for Homes and Pet Homes or Large Operations where smells and odours can be a problem. The unit will remove Fumes and Smells such as Smoke, Cigarette smoke, cannabis, Ammonia, Faeces, damp smells etc and general smelly odours. GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK*.
This Machine has been tried and tested in Large Care Homes, Pet Rescue Homes, Children's Nurseries (nappy changing room) Hospitals etc and we are so confident in it's ability to remove, from the air, the toxic fumes and smells that you and your family and staff are breathing in every day, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.*
Check out some feedback we got a few days ago.

Hi Ray, really pleased with the purifier.

We have 5 indoor cats at home and as you can probably
imagine, it pongs a bit when you come home from work. I’ve tried all the main
brands of purifier, but none of them have managed to eliminate that smell
sufficiently. I bought this one because of the 3kg of active carbon, hoping that
this would make the difference. It arrived last week, and at the same
time, we also discovered a wasp's nest in the soffit/ fascia area of our
roof, so had to keep the windows shut, to stop the wasps entering the house. So
really was not expecting your purifier to have much of a chance at eliminating
the smell with all the window vents shut. But, I came home that night and, WOW!   There was absolutely no smell at all, very
impressed and pleased with the purchase.

Many thanks


The Extractor contains 3 kilo of a specially formulated Activated Carbon that will remove these fumes and smells. (This Activated Carbon is Different from the one used in the other units so please ensure you order the correct machine.)The Uniquely Designed motor pulls air using patented Vortex Technolgy from your living environment into the machine and through a 3 kilo bed of activated carbon and a 250mm by 250mm and 20mm deep hepa filter.The Glass Hepa Filter is nearly 5 times deeper than leading brand "Air Purifiers" and will remove particles and pollutants 0.3 microns and above to EU Standard EN 1822-1. Suitable for Hay Fever and Asthma Suffers.The speed and pressure of the airflow has been specially graded to the correct levels to ensure the Activated Carbon "captures" the molecules of the gases that are being removed. The toxic fumes and odours actually "stick" to the surface area of the Activated Carbon in a process called "Adsorption". Once captured, these molecules can never be released. Once the Activated Carbon cannot adsorb any more molecules it is thrown away and replaced with new carbon.(aprox 4-5 months) This New Activated Carbon is available in refill bags and MUST be supplied from Ravair Ltd. If different Activated Carbon is used the rate of airflow cannot be guaranteed and the one year warranty may be void.
Refills Filters are available at only £39.99 plus vat and delivery from the accessories page. 
The speed of the fan is variable, up and down, once it is turned on just have it on high for a short time to get the air moving, then turn it down to low to remove the fumes virtually noiselessly. 
The fan is specially regulated so that when it is turned on it will start on "high" to get the air moving, then return to the setting it was on when last turned off. So if you just want the unit sitting in the corner of the room, on low, cleaning the air, you just turn it on and it will start on high, then go to the low setting, if that was the setting when turned off.
The unit is on wheels for easy manoeuvrability and have a remote control function that can work up to 8mts away. 

The fumes and smells will be captured in the Extractor and not simply pushed outside to annoy your neighbours and the Local Health Inspectors.
(see the science page for details of how this works) 

* I year warranty, (must use Ravair Activated Carbon in refills)

* Patented Vortex Technology 

* MUST BE RETURNED UNDAMAGED AND IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING,Also subject to correct use of machine and manufacturers decision.

Top 5 Reasons Why you should purify Air.

Although most people take the air they breathe for granted, the quality of that air can have an enormous impact on not only your health but on other aspects of your life. The reality is that polluted air can be found everywhere. In fact, its not a question of whether you will be exposed to dirty air but, rather, just how much dirty air can you ultimately tolerate? Before going into the good news and bad news of the matter, it must be emphasised that this problem is best handled by being well-informed.
One should, for example, know that indoor air quality is often much worse than outdoor air quality. This is hard to fathom, considering all the toxic fumes come from factories, machines, and automobiles. The air outside, without question, can be very heavily polluted, especially on high ozone days in hot weather and in urban areas with heavy traffic. Natural processes such as carbon dioxide being consumed by plants, constantly moving air, electric thunderstorms, ultraviolet rays from the sun, etc., help to keep outdoor air clean. Indoor air, especially in well-insulated homes, not only has no place to go but can often be filled with dangerous contaminants and allergens.
How bad is indoor air? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has posited that indoor air is one of the top 5 public health threats to Americans. This is alarming when one considers that most people spend 90% percent of their time indoors and approximately 65% of their time at home. 
At home, a number of dangerous pollutants can usually be found: pollen, pet dander, cleaning solvent, glue from composite wood furniture, mold, bacteria, fungi, viruses, cosmetics, plastics, etc. At work, the pollutants that may be found can be more abundant, as well as more toxic. Nail salon workers, for example, are constantly exposed to acetone and other chemicals; construction workers were for a long time exposed to asbestos particles, which we now know are very carcinogenic; healthcare workers and patients in hospitals and nursing homes are always exposed to dangerous air-borne pathogens.
Despite all the bad news, the good news is that you can take effective measures to greatly reduce the toxicity of the air you breathe indoors. The process starts by purifying this air, either by purchasing Activated Carbon air purifying products, or by following a few simple suggestions: dont smoke indoors; dont use air fresheners; clean your house assiduously; vacuum frequently; check your HVAC system regularly; change bedding often; and use HEPA air filtration wherever indicated.
In conclusion, you should purify your air for the following reasons:
1. Activated Carbon Air purifiers will help to avoid developing one of the many medical problems associated with air pollution. These include asthma, emphysema, allergies, cardiovascular diseases, etc.
2. Cleaner, better quality air will allow for more energy at work and home activities. Polluted air can make your lungs and, ergo, the rest of your body, work harder.

Ravair activated super carbon in all our units also removes the smell of Cigarette smoke and Cannabis!!!
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