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Ravair Nail Dust Extractor FLEXI

Ravair Nail Dust Extractor FLEXI
Available for purchase now.

The new, more powerful, model is here! More Power and FLEXIBLE ARM.This Fantastic New Model has a more powerful 3 speed Fan and brighter light with three light settings. We listened to our customers who said that when more than 2 fans are on at the same time, (and sometimes up to 8!) then it was too much noise. We increased the power of the fan and made it 3 speed! 

We have also introduced a NEW Patent Pending, Double Lock" dust filter that captures airborne dust and removes it from your's and your client's breathing zone, guaranteed! This is the dangerous dust, some of it invisible to the human eye, but you will see it in the filter after only a couple of treatments. The dust that falls to the desk is not dangerous but you can bend the arm down to clear this dust, (remember though the filter will fill quicker.)

Virtually Noiseless on low speed but will still remove fumes and light dust, but on Medium and High Speed will remove Airbourne  DUST, AND STILL REMOVE SOME FUMES. You can now do most of your nailwork with the fan on low with virtually no noise and then, using touch button control, just turn it up to medium or high when you create dust, about the same noise as a hairdryer on high speed.If you have one working on each desk they will all be virtually silent until occasionally one is used for dust work. 
Check out the video on the front page.

(Also removes dust, pollen, pet hair and dander and pollutants 0.3 microns and above to EU Standard EN 1822-1, suitable for hay fever and asthma sufferers.)

Ravair Ltd are working with Nail and Beauty Insurance Companies to increase awareness in Health and Safety in this area and possible resulting in lower premiums for those that have Extraction Units that meet the regulations stipulated in HSE COSHH SR13, as the Ravair Nail and Fume Extractor Does. 
As stated in the regulations "masks are not enough"
The unit comes with full certification that you can put on your wall to prove it meets and exceeds all the requirements of HSE Coshh SR 13 by 5 times the required airflow. It also comes with a full Independent LEV report that proves these facts. It has been approved by Local Councils across the UK.

Also makes a great reading/laptop light with quiet fan extracting particles and cleaning air at same time.

Discounts for multiple purchases, ring for details. 

Distributors Considered. 

latest feedback!!

'Omg I used my extractor! I
never realised just how much dust I was breathing in! it's amazing and
well worth the wait.  Thank you so much!'

From Amanda, two days after receiving the new Ravair Flexi!

'Hi there!

I purchased the nail dust extractor which I absolutely adore!

I wondered if I could also purchase one or two of the filters?

Many thanks,'

Cheltenham Gloss

'Hi. The dust extractor arrived yesterday....and my wife said its awesome! 
So far she has showed the love for it over the nails & beauty pages and over 15 other beauty technicians are very excited about it! Hopefully you'll be receiving more orders soon! 
Many thanks....'

"Since I purchased my Ravair Nail Dust and Fume Extractor, I feel my service has improved. The amount of dust sucked out of the air is just amazing (and I can clearly tell because I dont need to walk around with a Swiffer duster in between clients). When I explain to my clients what this (to them: weird looking) tool does, they are grateful that I also think about the air they breathe."

Peggy Bogaert- Nail technician based in Belgium.

Check out this link;https://youtu.be/3oHcN9Dh9kM or search ravair 3 speed nail dust extractor on youtube.

Health and Safety awareness in the Salon or when mobile are vital aspects of nail and Beauty Profession. The way you work has a direct impact on your health and the health of your clients. Professionals must comply with relevant Health and Safety Legislation that is designed to create a safe environment for everyone. This will result in higher levels of bookings and repeat business, as clients value their health and will chose a Salon or Mobile Therapist that shows they do as well.
It is well known, and published by many companies in their Material Safety Documents, that there are many toxic and noxious fumes and chemicals in various polishes and monomers that salons and mobile therapists regularly use. Nail Dust (with chemicals on) most of which is invisible to the eye WILL damage your respiratory system and lungs and can also damage your eyes and is ireversible! Health and Safety Regulations are in place in the form of COSHH SR13- The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations which have been developed to control exposure and protect workers health.Masks are not enough.
Ravair have developed, over many years, a revolutionary, patented, Desk Top Nail Dust and Fume Extractor. This extractor exceeds the performance required in the SR13 by 5 TIMES! You will not only protect your health, and that of your client, you will also easily comply with the regulations should you have a visit from your local Trading Standards Officer. The Independent LEV test, available on request, gives a reading of 2.5 metres per second of airflow from 300mm from the face. (0.5m/s at the face required) 
This unique Extractor has a powerful internal fan that draws nail dust and fumes into a Filter in the head that not only has a dust collecting gauze but 20mm deep real Activated Carbon Pellets, to adsorb the fumes and odours. It also has a 20mm HEPA Filter that will remove particles and pollutants 0.3 microns and above to EU Standards EN1822-1. This makes the Unit suitable for cleaning the air for hayfever, asthma sufferers etc. Replacement Filters are available in the 'Accessories' area of this site, for only £19.95.
Also included is a long lasting LED light on a dimmer switch so could be used for office work,homework etc. The light and fan can be used independently are are touch button.

The following information is included in the Material Data Sheet Information for one of the Leading Manufacturers of Acrylic Nail Products and is freely available on their website.

Risk Phrases : Irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin.
Primary route of exposure : Skin and eyes contact. Inhalation of dust.
Symptoms relating to use
- Inhalation : May cause irritation to the respiratory tract and to other mucous membranes.
Cough. Shortness of breath.
- Skin contact : Redness, pain.
- Eye contact : Pain. Redness. Tears.
- Ingestion : Not expected to present a significant ingestion hazard under anticipated conditions
of normal use. Must not come into contact with food or be consumed

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