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Ravair Nail Dust Extractor Filter

Replacement filter for Ravair Flexi Arm Nail Dust Extractor with Glass Hepa Filter to EU Standard EN 1822-1 will capture particles 0.3 microns and above (below 0.7 microns particles are invisible to the human eye) With added Flexzorb Anti Viral Material added with no extra charge. Must be changed every 8 weeks to keep the Anti-Viral Flexzorb Filter fully effective and hoovered after every client so not to fill the Anti- Viral Filter Full of Dust.
Ravair Ltd recommend buying a small hand held vacuum hoover such as a car hoover and just hoovering out through the top grill after every client and taking the filter out and hoovering at the end of each day.
This will soon become part of your daily routine and by sanitizing the lid of the unit and your worktop after every client this will help protect you and your client and give them confidence to return to you time after time.

Only the therapists that take hygiene and dust and fume/virus/bacteria extraction seriously will survive long term!  A 20mm HEPA Filter that will remove dust, particles
and pollutants.and with activated carbon that will help with fumes

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