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Ravair Nail Or Beauty Desktop Fume Extractor (small)

Ravair Nail Or Beauty Desktop Fume Extractor (small)

Ravair Ltd introduce the world’s first Individual Desk Top Fume Extractor especially designed to remove, at source, the fumes and smells from Acrylic Monomer (Methyl/Ethyl Methacrylate C5H802/C6H1002),and Adhesive Glues associated with eyelash extensions etc (Cyanoacrylate) and Fully meets HSE Coshh SR13 regulations and recognised by Local Health and Safety Officers all over the UK and Ireland.


This unit has been tested in Individual Nail Bars and Home Salons and has proved beyond doubt that it actually works. Not satisfied with just testimonials, as with most other companies who claim to remove these fumes, Ravair Ltd commissioned a full Independent Laboratory Test of this Unit.

The Full Independent 6 Page Report proves without doubt;

“The Unit REMOVES at least 99.999% of Monomer (Methyl/Ethyl Methacrylate C5H802/C6H1002 at higher than normal operational loadings.

The unit may be also be removing other organic and inorganic odours present in the atmosphere of the Laboratory to below detectable levels.

The unit provides a consistent volumetric flowrate of 0.003nm3/s, providing a suitable extraction velocity for the operator of 0.5m/s in line with COHSS Regulations”

Ravair Ltd cannot accept returns on any used units for any reason other that malfunction during this pandemic for obvious reasons.


THE UNIT CLEANS THE AIR at 12m3/hour SO ONLY SUITABLE FOR SINGLE DESK OPERATIONS. Cannot be used with one unit on each desk in a salon or large rooms, for multiple desks use the Salon Pro Fume Extractor. It has proved to FANTASTIC in the home environment or mobile. Also good for training, no fumes left behind. No more fumes in your home or your clients, this came in from a new client this week who used it in her salon;

Have had my Ravair desktop fume extractor (small) for almost a week now and the difference it's made to my room is amazing. I no longer have people complaining about the smell all the time. I only have a small room with one desk and a beauty bed in it,and this little machine copes beautifully. I have a little glass jar of monomer that I sit on the corner of it or just at the side, and my paper towel right next to it whilst I work. This is definitely a must for all nail techs. Between this and a good dust extractor my salon is a much cleaner and safer working environment. Delivery was fast and the staff on the end of the phone have been really helpful and friendly. I hope they use this as a review on their site as I can't recommend enough."

Rose Waterworth. Anglesey North Wales

The unit is very simple to use, the unit turns on as soon as it is plugged in and the red light comes on. If this red button is pressed again it takes the unit to full operating speed. The button on the right is pressed to turn on the UV Light and should be on at all times, to kill bacteria in the air and thereby protecting the therapist’s health even further.

The unit is also fitted with a highly efficient Negative Ion Oxygen generator, which generates high density negative ion, this neutralizes and precipitates positive dust, harmful microorganisms and poisonous gases which helps to effectively purify the air. Negative Ion is also known as the ”Air Vitamin”, it increases oxygen content in the blood which is beneficial for blood and oxygen transportation and absorption, this promotes the metabolism of the human body.


At only 14.5 cms square and 7.5cms high it is very compact yet durable. It has two speeds and an internal UV light that will kill bacteria, (similar to that in a fish tank) and help protect your health from germs etc brought in by your clients.

And the filter is incredibly easy to replace simply remove the top of the unit, take out the old filter and put in a new one. We recommend doing this every 2-3 months depending on use and replacements can be bought from us at on this site.

You should open bottles/ powders etc directly over the unit and close them immediately after use this will stop the gas escaping into the whole room, leaving the bottles and any tools you use as near to the unit as possible when not in use.

Good working practise will enhance the units performance.


If you purchase the Ravair Flexi Arm Nail Dust Extractor you could comfortably work over this Desk Top Fume Extractor with the Nail Dust Extractor directly above to catch all the airborne dust thereby protecting yourself even more.


This unit is perfect for the mobile therapist as it is small and light and it will remove the Acrylic Fumes IN YOUR CLIENT’S HOME and make you more professional.


We are introducing this Unit with an Introductory Price of only £99.95 plus delivery and VAT.


Due to everyone who trialled the unit wanting one we have very limited stock.


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