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Ravair Vortex Spray Tanning Extractor

Ravair Ltd are very pleased to Introduce the Latest addition to their Product Range, The Ravair Spray Tanning Extractor. This extractor has been specifically designed for spray tanning with a design team of over 13 years’ experience in Spray Tanning Extraction Units and by the Inventor of the first UK Mobile Spray Tanning Extractor, and still the best on the market, for Ambermist Spray Tanning.


This extractor uses  revolutionary technology and a complete and unique rethink on the basic Spray Tanning Extractor practice that has been copied by many other companies over the years.


This Extractor uses upright vortex technology  and is the “Rolls Royce” of Spray Tanning Extractors. The unit is designed for salon use only and is not suitable for mobile use as it is a very robust unit, on wheels, with a remote control, and unique 250mm x 250mm x 80mm  Glass Fibre Filter Grade G3 to EN779 EU Standard. This filter is similar to those used in Car Painting Workshops and, as far as we are aware, are the only filters in any Spray Tanning Extractor, excluding the Mobile Ambermist Tanning Extractor, that have any recognised EU Standard of Efficiency. Most other spray tanning extractors, if not all, use a piece of cheap foam pad that has to be washed regularly.


The Ravair Vortex Spray Tanning Extractor uses proven technology and a depth of filter not seen before and a unique methodology, fully tested. Most conventional Spray tanning extractors are designed to fit in the back of a spray tanning “pop up tent”. The Ambermist Mobile Spray Tanning Extractor was invented by the Inventor of the Ravair Extractor in 2005 for just this use and copied by many. In 2005 this was an acceptable idea, as all spray tanning was performed by airbrush with a compressor and contrary to popular belief were much less messy and could be turned down to create minimal overspray (they can be used to spray nails etc) They also sprayed in a very low width which meant most. If not all, the spray tanning solution was sprayed into the tent. It was then thought a good idea to capture the overspray in the extractor in the back of the tent before it goes back into the room.

With the advent of HVLP Spray Tanning Machines this popular belief was blown away. EVERY type of HVLP spray gun (high velocity low pressure) has basically the same nozzle from which the spray tanning solution comes out. This has no control over the spraying arc whatsoever. It can be turned down to a minimum but it will still spray at 360 degrees, this means unless the therapist is actually standing in the tent, overspray will occur in the room. The gun will spray tanning solution over and around the tent without fail. The HVLP machine and spray gun was invented mainly to speed up the spray tanning procedure as the Airbrush system was relatively slow but this has also created more overspray. Much of this overspray is also created when the HVLP Spray Gun is turned up too high and the spray tanning solution hits the client and “bounces” back into the room. This can be proved by the therapist blowing their nose after a session and finding tanning solution.


This means the Spray Tanning Extractor in the back of the tent CANNOT capture this overspray it can ONLY capture spray tanning solution in the tent! If the Spray Tanning Extractor in the back of the tent was powerful enough to pull overspray solution from the room, past the therapist, past the client and down into the Extractor it would have to be very powerful and noisy. Any claims from manufacturers that their Spray Tanning Extractor can do this are plainly laughable as, obviously, the first spray tanning solution to be captured would be the solution sprayed into the tent to spray tan the client! You would have a relatively clean tent but use much more solution than required or have an unhappy client.


The Ravair Vortex Spray Tanning Extractor is designed to stand in front of the tent to the left or right of the therapist depending on which hand is used to spray tan. The solution that, without doubt, be in the room will fall naturally downwards. The extractor will speed up this fall and pull the overspray into the unit. This will also mean that less solution will be needed for the client as ALL the solution sprayed into the tent for the client will not be pulled down and out the back! This saving in solution will pay for the Ravair Spray Tanning Extractor in no time at all. Once the session is finished it would be a good idea to put a plastic sheet or something similar with Velcro on the front of the tent to stop the solution in the tent coming back into the room. Once it has settled in the bottom of the tent it can be easily wiped up.


The Ravair Vortex Spray Tanning Extractor is so good we offer a 30 day money back guarantee** on top of the normal  statutory rights. The unit also comes with a full 2 year warranty so you rest assured your money is well spent.

The unique filters for this unit are made in England and are only available from Ravair Ltd, they should last for 60-80 tans depending on how much overspray is created but if the tent door is closed they will last longer as they won’t need to capture the solution in the tent.


Replacement filters are available at only £9.95 or three for £25.95 plus vat and delivery.


** Must be undamaged and unmarked and returned in original packing.

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