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Ravair Ltd use Activated Carbon in most of their products and now introduce their new range of Vegan Activated Carbon Bamboo Health and Beauty Products including a new Bamboo Soap.
This Activated Carbon Bamboo Soap is not only a fantastic soap that will deep clean your skin removing dirt, toxins and excess oil from your pores, it will also kill viruses such as coronavirus and bacteria. Activated Carbon has long been considered as Anti-Viral and Anti- Bacterial and is used in every good quality face mask including those used for germ warfare!
Ravair Activated Carbon Bamboo Soap is specially made so that it starts off black and then turns into a creamy white lather as you scrub your hands and face. This is particularly good for encouraging children to wash their hands and no need to sing "Happy Birthday" as they will want to see it turn white. Great at bathtime!

What is "Activated Carbon"?
Activated carbon is usually a wood or coconut or walnut shell burn at very high temperature to create charcoal also called carbon that has a very high porous surface area that will adsorb into it and trap it, bacteria, viruses, toxins etc. The full process of the adsorbtion of these harmful, mainly living things, is explained in the "science page" on this website.
In short, Ravair use specially made Vegan Activated Bamboo Carbon to make their Health and Beauty Products, this Bamboo is not only biodegradable in a very short time but very fast growing. In many opinions this Bamboo is considered a weed and by using this wood Ravair Ltd are not using trees that take hundreds of years to grow.

Activated Charcoal (often called Activated Carbon) has long been recognised as Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial and is used in every good quality face mask in the world. This is to protect against Bacteria and Viruses such as Coronavirus! 

Reasons to use Ravair Ltd Vegan Activated Carbon Soap.

1, Uses Fast Growing Bamboo Wood and it totally Vegan.
2, Encourages hand washing as the soap turns white as you scrub.
3, Removes, Dirt, Bacteria, excess oils from pores leaving them clean and healthy.
4, Removes excess dead skin leaving the skin Smooth and Fresh.
5, Kills Bacteria and Viruses.
6, Helps with Skin Conditions such as Acne.
7, Adsorbs deep seated skin debris, excess oil, pollutants and gives your skin, your largest organ, a real detox.
8, Gently exfoliates the dead skin leaving it fresh and clean
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