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Wall Mounted SALON/NAIL BAR Fume Extractor

Introducing the latest addition to the Ravair Salon Angels Range of Odour and Hazardous Fumes Extraction Units. This "capture at source" unit is fully Independently Tested with full Lab report that proves without doubt that this unit removes ALL fumes and odours associated with Nail Bars (Monomer Methyl/Ethyl Methacrylate C5H802/C6H1002) and Adhesive Glues associated with eyelash extensions etc (Cyanoacrylate) and Fully meets HSE Coshh SR13 regulations and recognised by Local Health and Safety Officers all over the UK and Ireland.
Latest testimonial;

exactly what it is meant to do, takes the acetone smell out of the atmosphere
straight away, a very efficient unit”.

Rosemary Warren

Levita Bella
Beauty Salon

June 2019

The unit is fitted with twin fans, That pull the toxic air through a Glass Hepa Filter graded to EU Standard EN-1822 which will remove 99.999% of pollutants, dust pet dander, pollen etc to 0.3 Microns and above. Suitable for Asthma and Hay Fever Sufferers. 0.7 microns and below are invisible to the human eye. The odours and hazardous fumes then flow through a bed of specially formulated Activated Carbon that will adsorb the chemicals making them harmless. Once the gases and fumes are captured by the activated carbon they CANNOT escape back into the room or the environment. This "capture at source" technology exclusive to Ravair Ltd will clean your room of Dangerous Gases and Fumes GUARANTEED.

The unit comes with many features, UV light that will kill bacteria in your salon, Ion Generator that will produce "Air Vitamins" that will improve your health, (just google "air vitamin generator"), sleep function, 1 and 3hr timers. Filter replacement warning. Remote Control and most importantly censors that detect fumes and odours, (see testimonial below) and will automatically turn the unit to full power until the air is clean again. 
The unit is small and compact 30cm x 26cm and 12cm deep, can be wall mounted, fittings supplied, or stand on a desk. Weight is Around 4 kilo with filters in situ. Filters are 270mm 190mm x 45mm deep and cost £29.95 to replace. (will last between 800 and 1500 hours depending on fumes created.)  

The unit will clean the air up to 15-18 square meters, if your salon is bigger than this at only £270 per unit you can have two, one at each end. (One Large New Salon in Dublin has ordered 8 units including one for kitchen and one for toilet) 

The days of Venting outside with Very Expensive Ducting Extraction are over! No more polluting the environment or the flat or offices above your salon! You can now work in  COMPLETELY SAFE ENVIRONMENT knowing you are not only protecting your health and your employees health but that of your clients as well. 

Ravair have in production this week a new Window Sticker that will prove to your clients old and new that your Salon is protected in a Ravair Controlled Environment and fully adheres to the Coshh SR 13 regulations. Clients with any respiratory complaints, chest complaints, asthma etc will use a salon free from dust and fumes. (Must have at least one fume extractor and one dust extractor to qualify)

From: rachel allen <mrsrachelallen@yahoo.com> sent 20th October 2018 08;42
to sales@ravair.co.uk. 
I will be ordering as soon as you get them, it is really good. As you know I can't smell fumes anymore but new clients commented that we don't smell like other salons. I was very impressed at how it would kick up a gear when working with monomer. It also went into overdrive when we had the door open due to the heat this week. Our salon is on a very busy junction with substantial traffic, the unit detected road fumes too and went up to maximum to compensate. That impressed everyone, I can't wait to get my hands on one full time.

Similar types of glues and adhesives are used in Nail and Beauty treatments such as Eyelash Extensions, most applications use a very powerful substance found in most superglues. (Cyanoacrylate) As the name suggests, and the warning on all bottles or tubes, it is EXTREMELY TOXIC and prolonged use without any use of extraction will certainly DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH.
Ravair recently supplied this new wall unit to a large Electronic Manufacturing Company that had the normal ducted extraction in place. This extraction was not working sufficiently for the section of the factory where small components were glued (with locktight superglue).   
The testimonial below proves without doubt the units effectiveness with this glue and the results speak for themselves.

have just spoken to the lady who uses it and she says it’s working very well.
She used to cough and splutter a lot leading to several days off. So far she’s
had no repeats of this. Her main duties are gluing and soldering. All I can say
is so far so good and I’m happy to endorse the product.





Nick Shephard 
| Director


LS Electronics Group Ltd.

Electronic design
& manufacturing services

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