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Nail and Beauty Salons
Q,Why have these type of mobile extractors never been available before?
A, Extraction units using Activated Carbon have been available for over 100 years and are used in the USA in Hair and Beauty Salons. Extraction units using Activated Carbon have also been incorporated into Nail Desks for many years proving the theory works. The problem with many of the Extraction Units is that most do not have a sufficient amount, or depth, of Activated Carbon, or, are using the wrong Activated Carbon and/or not sufficiently mobile to be effective all around the room.
Q, How can I guarantee that my money is well spent?
A, Ravair Ltd offer a manufacturers 1 year full Warranty, and a 30 day money back guarantee. This 30 day money back guarantee is subject to the Unit being used for the correct purpose, (ie the small desk top unit not being expected to clean the air in a room obviously too big). Any advise on particular use is free, and positively encouraged, before you buy. We want you to buy the correct machine with the correct Activated Carbon. 
Q, Will the Ravair Nail Dust and Fume Extractor completely get rid of all Nail Dust and Fumes in my Salon on it's own?
A, No! The Ravair Nail Dust and Fume Extractor is designed to remove all Airbourne Nail Dust in the breathing area of the Therapist and The Client. It is not a vacuum cleaner and will not pick up dust that has fallen to the desk. This dust is not a danger to health, as you cannot breath it in. The Activated Carbon in the Filter will reduce the fumes released into the air immediately above the application, and help protect the therapist and the client. Fumes that are released in other areas, such as when opening bottles etc, are unlikely to be removed by the Ravair Nail and Fume Extractor. A Ravair Desk Top Fume Extractor Unit, in small salons, home or mobile operations or a Ravair Floor Standing Extractor Unit in Larger Salons/Rooms with more than 2 Nail Desks should be used as well as the Ravair Nail and Fume Extractor  Unit. 
Q, Will the Ravair Nail Dust Extractor comply with with The Guidelines in HSE Coshh SR13?
A, YES, Independent LEV Tests by Sly Filters of Leicester, (who make filters for the Space Lab), prove conclusively that the Ravair Nail Dust and Fume Extractor extracts at 2.5m/s, five times the required minimum 0.5m/s, in HSE Coshh SR 13.
Q, Will the Ravair Floor Standing or Desk Top Extraction Units meet the requirements in respect of Extraction of Fumes in Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH)?
A, Yes, The Ravair  Floor Standing or Desk Top Extraction Units, provided that the right unit is used for the size of room, will remove/extract all the gases from the air. They will not be extracted outside the salon/room to pollute the environment and cause risk and danger to neighbours.    
Q, How do I know what size machine I will need to meet the HSE Coshh 13 regulations and by doing so protect mine and my clients health?
A, The Ravair Desk Top Fume Extractor will extract the air up to 8 times per hour in an average size room up 3 metres x 3 metres x 2.5 meters high, and a maximum of 2 Nail Desks. Any room bigger than this will require the Ravair Floor Standing Fume Extractor, or a room with more than 2 nail desks up to 6 desks. Please ring the helpdesk if you are not sure or want specific adavice.
Q, Are The HSE Coshh 13 regulations just guidelines and are not regulated or enforced?
A, NO, It is a widespread misguided theory in the Nail Industry that the government document, HSE (Health and Safety Executive) document Coshh 13 is merely for Guidance, and the Nail Industry is unregulated in this area. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT THE CASE, This very important document is used and adhered to by all local trading standards officers in every local authority in the UK. This is a guideline to help both the local authority and the Salon Owner to adhere to the law, as stated in the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002. This is stated clearly in the very first paragraph of this document and is often ignored, or it's importance not realised, by Nail Training Schools across the UK. If a therapist or even a client contracts a major illness through the inhalation of toxic fumes in your salon, and it is proved, it is unlikely your insurance will cover you in the event of a claim, if you have not demonstrated that you have adhered to these guidelines and by definition the Control of Hazardous Substance Act 2002.     
Care/Retirement/Nursing Homes, Pet Homes, Children's Nurseries etc.  
Q, Will the Ravair Floor Standing Fume Extractor get rid of all the smells and fumes caused by incontinence, both single and double, ulcers and general body odour?
A, Yes, This unit has trialled in Hospitals and Nurseries, Pet Rescue Homes and Residential Care Homes across the UK and now in the USA. The Ravair Floor Standing Fume Extractor, is on wheels for easy manoeuvrability around the premises. It can be used in all communal areas and moved around the premises as required. It is fitted with a 20mm deep Glass Hepa Filter that will remove all pollutant's and particles 0.3 microns (invisible to the human eye) and above to EU Standard EN 1822-1,Suitable for Hay Fever and Asthma Sufferers. 
Q, Can the smaller desk top unit be used in Individual Client's Room's?
A, Yes, The unit will use the same particular Activated Carbon as in the Floor Standing Unit, it will remove all these unpleasant smells. It is also fitted with a 40mm deep Glass Hepa Filter that will remove all pollutant's and particles 0.3 microns and above to EU Standard EN 1822-1 Suitable for Hay Fever and Asthma Sufferers. It with breathing and respiratory problems and is quiet enough to be used at night.
Q, How long will the filters last?
A, Obviously the amount of use will decide how long the filters last but with regular daily use we estimate they will last at least 2/3 months. 
Home and Office Use.
Q, Will the Ravair Floor Standing Fume Extractor or the Ravair Desk Top Extractor remove the same fumes as the model used in care homes etc?
A, We can supply Activated Carbon that can remove the same fumes and smells as in the Care Home Machine or we can supply an Activated Carbon that will be more specific to the Home Smells. The units both come with the same Glass Hepa Filters to clean the air of pollutants and particles.
Q, Our Tom Cat keeps spraying and marking his scent around the house, will these machines get rid of the smell?
A, Yes, We can use the Activated Carbon that will capture these smells, just advise us when you purchase of the particular use or ring for advise before you purchase.  
Q, Will these units work in my caravan or my small cabin boat?
A, Yes, The Ravair Desk Top Unit has been tried and tested in a luxury caravan and proved very effective in removing smells from food, cigarette smoking and general body odours. This unit would be as effective in small cabin boats and cabins in large boats/ships. The Ravair Floor Standing Extractor would work well in the communal areas in very large boats/ships.